Published on Jan 27

Anne Dalager Dyrli appointed new CEO of CerPoTech

CerPoTech has appointed Anne Dalager Dyrli as the company’s new Chief Executive Officer. Dyrli come from the position as VP Chemistry and Materials and co-founder of RESMAN. Anne holds a MSc in Chemistry and Master of Management from NTNU. Previous to founding RESMAN, Anne also worked at SINTEF as a researcher for several years.

Dyrli has played a key role in growing RESMAN from a spin-out from SINTEF in 2005 into a 200 MNOK revenues company in 2015.  RESMAN was sold to Nordic Capital in 2015.

Published on Apr 25

The CerPoTech webshop has just been launched!

CerPoTech’s website has not only been rethought but, most importantly, we are now offering a webshop for ceramic materials. Make your next purchase of selected complex oxide powders at attractive prices and with rapid delivery.

Published on Apr 12

Products available in our webshop

With the grand opening of our webshop this April, we are offering 12 products that can easily be ordered in our webshop, shipping included. The materials can be used for applications such as solid oxide cells, gas separation membranes or lead-free electroceramics applications. 100 g to 10 kg quantities are readily available and other materials or quantities can be requested

Published on Apr 06

Kick-off of new H2020 project: ZAS

ZAS project is a consortium consisting of nine European partners joining forces to develop a cost efficient zinc-air secondary battery for efficient energy storage. The consortium represents the entire value chain from material developers and producers to battery manufacturer and end user. This combination provides a dynamic team with a keen awareness of the challenges related to turning laboratory scale developments into real innovation.